How to build a datasource

In this article, you will learn what a datasource is and we’ll help you create one from scratch.

What is a datasource?

A datasource is a spreadsheet containing all the data that will be used during the document merge. A merge can be done:

  • Directly from your datasource via Google Sheets
  • In Google Docs or Slides while working directly on your template

How to build a datasource?

1. Enter your header-labels

The first row is set aside for headers (your own and Publigo's reserved keywords like Merge Status and Merge Date). In our example, we will generate documents with First Names and Last Names.

2. Add all the relevant information

The next step is to enter all the relevant values for your headers / fields. The data you enter here will be the ones that will be merged with your templates.

For example, when we perform a document merge for row 2, that document will have the name Victoria Kline if you enter the markers {{First Name}} {{Last Name}}.

And that's it, your datasource is created.

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