Generate files with relevant titles

Define your file naming convention, and create files with meaningful names (increment, date of creation, version of file, project title etc.).

Naming convention by default

By default, Publigo will name your generated files with the name of your template (the title of the document you selected as a template) followed by an increment.

For example, by using a template called "PUBLIGO certificate of appreciation", the generated documents will be named as follow:

To turn off the automatic increment, open the Set up increment in file names menu, and unswitch the increment toggle. The generated files will only include the template name:

Note: Your increment doesn't need to start at 1, you can define a specific starting number in the Current Increment field.

Personalize your generated file names

You can insert markers in your template title to personalize the generated file names.

For example, let's add the markers {{First Name}} and {{Last Name}} in our template title:

The markers will be automatically merged with you sheet data:

Use the standard marker {{increment}} to insert the increment in a specific position:

You can also increment your document titles with the row index, by adding the marker {{rowIndex}}:

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