How do you choose the right scheduled file generation option for your needs?

Publigo has various schedule delivery options designed for specific situations. In this article, we will help you choose the right option for your needs to take out the guesswork and send out your campaign as intended.

Note: Only 1 Schedule Delivery option can be used per campaign sheet.

For example, using the Row by row feature together with the recurring functionality (via Select hour/date) option is not possible and will cause conflicts.

To access the Schedule delivery feature, click More actions > Schedule Merge.

Publigo offers 6 scheduled merge options to delay the generation of your files

Choose the one that's appropriate for your campaign needs.

Scheduled Merge Choose this option if you need to ...

Schedule emails at a pre-selected time the next day (8 am or 1 pm) - within the Publigo app. Learn more.

Select hour/date schedule file generation at a specified date and/or time once or set them recurrently (weekly, monthly, or yearly) - within the Publigo app.Learn more.

The Row by row schedule merge by specifying the date and/or time directly in your campaign sheet. Learn more.

The form submission option allows you to generate a document for each response to the form.

Generates a file as soon as an empty line is filled in your campaign sheet. Your campaign sheet can be filled manually (data entered by you) or programmatically (in combination with the power of automation tools such as Zapier or IFTTT or your CRM).​ Learn more.

Note: Your scheduled campaign will not be sent exactly as specified. It may have a delay of up to 1 hour. This delay is due to Google's trigger events.

For example, if you selected Tomorrow morning 8 AM, the campaign will start tomorrow between 8AM and 9AM.

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