Publigo's Output Options

When it comes to efficient document generation, Publigo stands out as a powerful tool that simplifies the process. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Publigo offers a range of file format and layout output options that cater to various document merge requirements. 

In this article, we will delve into the different output options Publigo provides, highlighting the benefits and possibilities we offer - Convenience and Versatility in Document Generation. 
To choose the appropriate output option that suits your needs, click the Output dropdown menu from the Publigo main page. 
Refer to the Output options matrix provided below to help you in choosing the appropriate output for your needs:
Output options Advantages When to use this?
One PDF per row  Simplicity and Portability  This option is perfect when you need to distribute individual documents/reports or want to maintain separate files for each data set. It ensures easy access and organization, enabling recipients to focus on specific information without overwhelming them.
One Google Slides per row Collaborative and Dynamic Presentations If you prefer a more interactive and collaborative approach, Publigo offers the option to create a Google Slides presentation for each row of data. This choice is ideal when multiple stakeholders need to contribute to or review the content. By leveraging the power of Google Slides, you can enable real-time collaboration, feedback, and seamless editing.
One PowerPoint per row Traditional and Professional Presentations PowerPoint remains a staple in the business world, known for its versatility and professional look. With Publigo's PowerPoint option, you can seamlessly convert your data into visually appealing slides and custom designs. This output choice is perfect for those who prefer a traditional approach to presentations or need to deliver their content offline.
All rows in one PDF
Simplicity and Portability When you want to consolidate your entire presentation into a single file, Publigo allows you to generate one PDF containing all the rows. This option is particularly useful for situations where you need to present the entire set of data at once, such as certificates for training sessions or comprehensive reports. 
All rows in one Google Slides  Collaborative and Dynamic Presentations This allows you to create a unified and coherent presentation while leveraging the collaborative features of Google Slides. With all the rows seamlessly integrated into one presentation, you can easily navigate and present the data in a structured manner, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for your audience.
All rows in one PowerPoint Traditional and Professional Presentations This option provides the advantages of a unified presentation while leveraging the features and compatibility of PowerPoint. Whether it's for internal meetings or external presentations, this option ensures a professional and streamlined experience.

Publigo empowers users with a diverse range of file formats and layout output options to cater to your document merge needs and elevate your document generation experience today! Whether you require individual reports for each row, consolidated files for an overview, or collaborative presentations, Publigo has the flexibility to accommodate your preferences.

Note: Do you need to secure your generated PDF documents? 

Securing PDFs in Publigo ensures the confidentiality and maintenance of data integrity of your sensitive information, providing peace of mind and protection against unauthorized access. Learn how.

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