Secure a PDF

In this article, we will see how it is possible to secure a PDF with Publigo. 

In this article

Publigo offers two ways to secure. These ways can be combined or used separately. 

Secure a PDF by making it uneditable (Read-only)

1. In Publigo, click More actions > PDF options > enable the slider for "Non editable PDF > click SAVE

2. Click the GENERATE PDF button. Created PDFs cannot be modified or edited if you share them. 

Secure a PDF with a password

1. In Publigo, click More actions > PDF options > enable the slider for "Set password". 

2. When the Set password slider is enabled, it will show a dropdown menu prompting you to choose the relevant column containing the password for each recipient. In our example below, we chose the column user password

3. Click SAVE for the changes to take effect. 

When Minna Amigon (row 2) receives her merged PDF document in the email, she can only open that file if she enters the correct password associated with her record (competition).

Note: We recommend enabling both the Read-only and Password features to ensure extra security on your merged documents. 

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