Markers options for form

If you use a form linked to your spreadsheet you will be able to personalize the format of your markers, for example edit timestamp of an answer or personalized checkbox answers. 

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Add format to form answers

To check your markers, open Publigo then click on the Three dot > Test / Validate Markers

The different formats

Once your menu is open you will be able to write in grey in which format your marker is.

1. Timestamp 

The available options allow you to choose whether you want to add only the date, the time or date time.

You can also choose a delimiter for the date between /, - and a space

📌The delimiter can be useful if you use the timestamp in the title of your document.

Then click on SAVE to validate your choice.

2. Checkboxes

This option will allow you to format your answers using the checkboxes in a form.

Thanks to the menu you have 3 options available:
  • Comma separated
    Allows you to integrate the answers as a comma-delimited list 

  • Picklist 
    Allows you to integrate the answers as a list with checkboxes. The box is checked if the answer is selected and not if it is not selected. 

  • Bullet points
    Allows you to integrate the answers as a list with Bullet points

Then click SAVE to validate your choice

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