Turn Google Form submissions into documents

Generate a new file when a Google Form is filled, and create outstanding Google Docs or Microsoft files.

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Create your document template

1. Create a document template in your Drive (Google Sheets, Google Slide, Google Docs), and add  {{Merge fields}} to personalize the documents with data from your sheet.

In our example, we will add the tags {{Date}}, {{First Name}} and {{Last Name}} in a Google Docs template:

Info: You can skip this step and create directly your template from your sheet with Publigo! See the last section to learn how.

Create a Google Form

2. Create a form and add a question for each merge tags added in your template:

Generate document on form submit with Publigo

3. From your form responses tab, open the responses Sheets:

4. Open Publigo by clicking on the Publigo icon on the side panel of your responses sheet:

5. Select the template you want to use

If you want to use an existing template, click Open to open the folder picker and select your document template:

6. To create a new template, simply click on New, below the type of document you wish to create:

For example, if you click on new bellow Google Sheets, Publigo will create a new spreadsheet named[Publigo] My Templateand store it in the same folder as the form.

7. Click on the more options button and select Schedule merge > On form submit:

8. You are all set! You can now click on the button Generate on form submit:

9. A document will be automatically generated every time a response is submitted!

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