Automatically create subfolders

In this article, you will learn about Publigo’s Subfolder and how to use this helpful feature. 

What is the Subfolder feature?

Publigo’s Subfolder feature allows you to create subfolders (folders within a main folder) and save relevant files in those subfolders. If there are no subfolders yet in the target folder, these will be generated based on the subfolder name you specified along with the relevant files that will be created and stored in them. But if subfolders (with the same subfolder name) already exist, the relevant files will just be saved in them. 


We want to generate separate invoices to people according and then store the generated invoice in their respective (country) subfolder. The Subfolder feature will help us automatically create a subfolder for each person based on their specified country and then store their invoices in their designated (country) subfolder. 

How to use subfolders?

1) Open Publigo > click More options (three vertical dots) >  Select a target folder

2) Click SELECT > then use the file picker to choose the target (destination) folder where you want to store your subfolders and files. In this example, we chose the target folder Country.

3) The Folder field will update and display the selected target folder (Country).

Click the Use subfolders toggle/switch to create subfolders. Then specify the Folder name that you want. 

📌To make it easier for you to enter the merge tags correctly, click the Available markers are 👇arrow to display your current {{merge tags}}. Simply copy and paste the relevant markers in the Subfolder’s convention field as needed along with other information you want added. 
When entering a subfolder name (under the Subfolders convention field), you can use markers (merge tags) that you used in your datasource. In our example, we entered " {{Country Name}}".  
Learn more about this in our detailed article about Common problems with {{markers}}.

4) Click SAVE - this will generate your files. 

All your subfolders and files will be created and the corresponding files will be stored in their respective subfolder.

Here are the generated subfolders (with individual invoices) for each country in our example.

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