Share your documents as Drive files

Share your generated documents and control who can view, comment or edit, directly from Publigo! 

1. Once you have a datasource and template chosen in Publigo, click More actions > File sharing Email notification

2. Specify who has access to the generated files. 

To use the same sharing rule for all your documents: 
  • Text inputs - Use the Can Edit, Can Comment, and Can View text fields to type the email address(es) you want to share with. 

  • Sheet columns - Check the Use a sheet column toggle, and use the drop-downs to select your columns. 

3. If you don't want the persons you are sharing your files with to receive the Google notification, you can disable them by checking the Disable Google Notification checkbox. 

Info: Alternatively, you can opt to send a personalized email together with disabling Google Notifications. 

4. Click  SAVE, your sharing option will remain under the generate button.

You can modify it at any time and overlay sharing options. When generating your files, they will be shared:

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