Set up email notifications

Send a personalized email notification to share your generated documents! 

1. Once you have a datasource and template chosen in Publigo, click More actions > File sharing > Email notification

2. List the recipients

You are presented with 2 options here: 

  • Text input - directly from the sidebar, specify the recipient email address(es) in the text fields. If you want to send the email to several persons, you can separate the addresses with commas. 

    Note: With this method, an email will be sent to your recipient(s) for each document generated. This could be relevant to notify someone every time a document is generated from a Google Form submission.

  • Sheet column - add a column in your sheet to list row by row the email address(es). 

    You can also write multiple recipients in a single cell by separating the addresses with commas. 

3. Personalize your email 

Use the text fields to personalize the Sender Name and Subject

4. Click the pencil icon to edit or view the email body. 

Add merge fields like {{First Name}} to personalize your email, Publigo will automatically replace them with data from your sheet. 

5. Select the type of attachment. 

Info: You can also share your generated documents as Google Drive files, visit this article to learn how.

  1. Click SAVE, Publigo will send an email for each document merged. 

You can modify your email settings at any time by clicking on the email notification under the save button. You can also overlay several email notifications. 

Info: You can also embed your file link using the {{URL}} or {{Generated File Link}} merge tag in your draft email (see screenshot below). 

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