Supported Languages for Publigo's User Interface

This article lists the supported languages for Publigo's User Interface (UI).

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Supported Languages

Publigo's User Interface is currently available in these languages: 

  • English
  • French

How can I change Mergo's default language?

If you want to see your preferred language in Publigo's UI (and not the English default), you can change the language settings on your Google account: 


Open your Language settings


Under PREFERRED LANGUAGE, click Edit (the ✏️ pencil icon).


Search for your preferred language > click it, then press Select


You will now see your preferred language as the default. 

Help us improve our Translations

If you believe that our current translations need some improvement or if you want to help translate Publigo's User Interface in other languages, please email us at
With your valuable contribution, we'll be able to serve more people. Thank you!

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